Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why is there a start-up fee?


           There are several reasons:

  • Frankly, we don’t want everyone to sell our product.  Not everyone is willing to help others to be successful; and that’s the whole point here.  Covid has led to 25 million people losing their jobs, and we want to put as many of them back to work as possible.  We cannot do this alone.
  • Not everyone is willing to invest in themselves; yet that’s what’s needed here, to be successful.
  • Not everyone understands online sales and marketing, or the difference between the two.
  • Not everyone understands that they won’t get rich overnight; that level of success in this type of business can take over a year of consistent, hard work. The first weeks may only bring a few hundred to a thousand dollars per week until you learn what works best for your market and location.
  • Whether it’s a few thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands, there are startup investment costs for every business. The difference between other businesses and this one, is that not only do we care about whether you succeed, we want you to help others succeed as well.  Therefore, you will be provided with the tools you need to succeed.  Your sponsor is your most important tool.  S/he will help you to avoid common “newbie” mistakes.
  • Finally, the membership fee discourages spammers and others who are only interested in driving traffic to their personal, or client-based websites. 


  1. Am I required to help others?


You can make good money from the 40% starter commission, and you can remain at that level for as long as you like.  However, this system is designed to put as many people to work as possible.  You get rewarded with higher commissions and the opportunity for unlimited residual income for helping us to do that.


  1. How much does the course cost?


We have done very well selling this course online for $349, and we have used coupons to discount it to $299.  But to make it more affordable and accessible to everyone, the cost is now $99.  You are welcome to sell it at the full price of $99, but we recommend that you use coupon codes to discount the price for your customers at 10, 20, or 50% off.  We recommend 50% off for maximum effectiveness.


  1. How quickly can I earn back my investment?


The short answer is that depends on you.  This product is super easy to sell because it covers two of the three biggest niches in online sales and marketing:  Health, and Relationships.   Once you post your ads and they become live, it is possible to earn back your initial investment in less than one day.  Just understand that this depends on the ads you post and where you post them.  This is where experience helps a lot.


  1. Should I pay for ads and where should I post them?


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads, etc. are excellent places to post ads.  Paid ads work best, but you can start with free ads if paying for ads is not within your budget at the moment.  However, experience shows that paid ads do work best.  


  1. Do I need experience?

No.  But it’s much easier for you if you have it.  Everything’s easy; once you know how.  But if you don’t have any experience in online sales and marketing, then it is better for you if you get sponsored by someone who does so they can “show you the ropes.” 


  1. If this doesn’t work for me, can I get a refund?


This will work for you if you do the work and get help from your sponsor if necessary.  This program is designed to prevent you from failing; so you would have to work very hard not to succeed.  Remember:  you are making a business investment to start your own business.  Just like other businesses, there are startup costs, but in this case, the cost is very little.  If the business fails, you don’t get that money back.    


  1. What does it mean to get sponsored?


Getting sponsored means that someone you know is already successfully involved in this program and is willing to share their success methods with you.  They understand that your success is also their success.  They are willing to teach you what works and what doesn’t, so that you can avoid wasting time, money, and energy.  With all that in mind, they invite you to become a part of this program, and they help you to succeed, along the way.


  1. How exactly, do we help others?


You help others by sponsoring them and giving them the same opportunity to get back to work and earn a good living that you have. 


  1. How do we find people to sponsor?


The best place to look is among your friends and family.  These are the people you love the most, and trust the most, and are genuinely willing to help become successful.  They are also the people who will hold you accountable, and keep you encouraged to become more and more successful as well.  


  1. What is passive, residual income?


Passive, residual income is money that you get paid from the work other people do.  Once you reach that level and qualify, you don’t work at all (unless you want to) because you have already done the work.  You have put in the time and effort, now the money just comes pouring in effortlessly.  You get to sit back and let others earn money for you, while you enjoy living the kind of lifestyle you have always dreamed about.  As long as they earn money, you earn money.


  1. How do I earn passive, residual income?


You start by making your initial start-up investment, then make enough sales that you feel comfortable sharing what are doing with someone else.  When you share this with a minimum of two others and help them get started working, your commission increases to 60% because you earn 40% from everything you sell, and 20% from everything the people you helped to get back to work, sell.  The people you help are going to do the same thing.  That is, they are going to help at least two people get back to work.  When they do that, your commission will increase to 70%, because you earn 40% from your own sales, plus 20% from the sales of the people you helped directly, and another 10% from the sales of people they helped (3rd generation).  Once the next generation of people do the same (4th generation), you will earn an additional 5% from every sale they make, which totals 75%.


You will earn passive residual income once you reach the 75% commission level, have made 3,000 sales of your own, and helped two people you sponsored, reach 2,000 sales.  At that point you begin earning 3% commission from all 5th generation sales that come indirectly from you.  That is, by this time you may not know the names of the people who are earning money for you.  They are working because you were kind enough to help someone who helped someone, who helped someone else, etc.  Now there are hundreds, or even thousands of people that you helped indirectly to get back to work, and you earn 3% of everything they sell as a reward.  There is no limit to how much you can earn this way.  As long as they earn, you earn.


Here’s a very conservative example:

If 300 people you don’t know personally, but helped indirectly, make just 1 sale a day using the recommended discount, you would earn $13,497 over a 30-day period, without making a single sale yourself.


  1. How soon will I receive my first commission?


The product you’re selling has a 30-day money back guarantee.  All commissions are held until this period has ended.   After the 30-day period ends, earned commissions that total more than $200 are immediately disbursed into the direct-deposit you set up.


  1. How often do customers ask for refunds?


Requests for refunds are extremely rare, and typically come from males who purchased the product, but did have the patience to get through enough of the course to get the answers they were looking for.  Remember:  the brains of males and females are wired differently.  This product was designed for women.  However, males often purchase this product, seeking the answer to only one or two questions.  The answers are definitely found inside the course, but they stop watching or reading before they get to it.


  1. Does the 30-day money back guarantee count for me?


It’s best to know exactly what you are selling so that you can design the best ad campaigns for you and your customers.  Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase the course and watch the video or read the book, just like your customers would.  Unlike your customers however, this is a business investment for you, and it is not refundable.  If you would like to purchase the course for yourself, it is made available to you at fraction of the cost your customers would pay.  Just use your membership discount code for 90% off.


  1. Am I limited to only two sponsorships?


You can sponsor as many people as you want.  Just remember that you are responsible for the success of each one; and your success depends on them as well.  Although it is true that the more people you sponsor, the faster you will reach the passive, residual income level, it is also true that unless they are experienced, online sales people, they will need your guidance and support to succeed as quickly as you did.


  1. Do I have to get 100 sales before I can sponsor others?


No.  But it is usually easier to sponsor others, once you can show them how easy it was for you to make your first 100 sales in a week, for example.


  1. How much is the initial start-up investment?


You can take the first step towards earning your 75% commission plus unlimited residual, passive income, once you have paid your $199 to get started.


  1. If this is my business, then why do I have rules to follow?


In order to be successful, you will need to use platforms like Google and Facebook.  These platforms have rules.  If you don’t follow these rules, you get banned, and you won’t be able to do business.  Additionally, we have a great product with an awesome track record and we don’t want it to be misrepresented.  The rules are designed to stop you from getting banned and also to help you to be successful.


  1. Do you accept every applicant?


Once you become a member, you may begin earning immediately.  However, due to the high number of applicants, it may take 1-3 business days for us to review new affiliates.  If your application is ultimately rejected, then you will be notified.  Please allow 72 business hours after that notification, for us to issue a full refund of your membership fee; minus the cost of the course, if you purchased it along with your membership.