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Our Product

Rise Above is all about putting people back to work.  Covid-19 has hit us hard, and approximately 25 million people have lost their jobs as a result.  We created an easy online course that helps women have better relationships with men while being safe and healthy at the same time.


This 90-minute course explains who men and women are biologically, that causes us to behave the way we do in relationships, and how to make our differences work in favor of women.  This course opens the eyes of women like never before and takes them out of the whirlpool of heartbreak and disappointment.


Originally created in 2015, this course sold so quickly and so well, that after Covid invaded our lives, we realized we could reach more people by opening the door for others to do the same thing that we were doing; at home.  Not only could we continue to provide this uncommon, potentially life-saving information to women, but we could also help boost our failing economy by offering a money-making opportunity to every sincerely interested person who also wants to help others while earning a good living themselves.

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The Course

The digital download relationship mini- course, “Truth Talk: The Last Dating Advice You’ll Ever Need” is educational, and comes in two forms: eBook, and video.  The eBook is a quick and easy read, and the video is the audio-visual of the book, and is approximately 90 minutes long.


This course (designed for women) takes complex information from sources like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and simplifies it to give uncommon answers to some very common relationship questions.  By the end of the course, women will know:

    • How to find “the one”
    • Why the average male can have any woman he wants
    • How the average male can get any woman he wants
    • How to get him to commit
    • Who really chooses, him or her
    • What makes a woman irresistible
    • Why men cheat
    • Why men abuse women
    • What’s behind the male sex drive
    • How to safely get out of a bad relationship
    • The best age to have a baby for the first time
    • The best age to have sex for the first time
    • What HPV is, how do you get it, and where it comes from
    • How to protect themselves from HPV
    • Safe dating practices
    • How to stop loving an abusive male
    • Uncommon dating advice
    • How to be safe in relationships
    • What makes men fall in love
    • What makes women fall in love
    • What increases a woman’s sex drive
    • What decreases a woman’s sex drive
    • The #1 thing women do that stops him from committing
    • What puts the relationship ball in his court
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What We Offer

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Freedom to work anywhere

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Show others how to be successful

We offer the opportunity to earn up to 75% commission by selling our digital product as described above.  You also have the opportunity to earn passive, residual income for helping others to do the same.  You work from home or anywhere you choose, as an independent business owner.

How it all Works

Commissions start at 40% then quickly increase to 60%, once you qualify.  You must also qualify to earn the 75% commission and unlimited passive, residual income.  Go to FAQ for more information.

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The more people you help put back to work

the more you earn

What We Ask of You

After you get back to work, we want you to help at least two others get back to work too.  We only ask that you follow a few simple rules:

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  • Do not alter our product.
  • Do not alter our banners.
  • Do not use our logo.
  • Do not claim credit for the creation or participation in the creation of our product.
  • Do not offer unofficial coupons or codes.
  • Do not share your membership code.



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Before you

 join thousands of others…

Once you register to become a member of our team, you will have access to our product as well as tools designed to help you succeed.  Take the time to read through FAQ for more information before you begin.