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If you’re a female, then there are answers to common relationship questions that every woman wants, and is entitled to have.  With so many relationships failing, it’s clear that most people either get their relationship advice from virtually clueless well-meaning people, or self-serving people who would never share their brotherhood of secrets.   That’s about to change.


You are about to experience the most unique, comprehensive dating course ever created, and it’s designed just for women.  You will discover more about men, women, and relationships in less than 2 hours than most people learn in a lifetime.


Skeptical?  Join thousands of others and go through the course for yourself at no risk to you.  Download it now and if you need to, take 30 days to agree.


It may surprise you to know that organizations like the CDC and the NIH have published articles that explain some of the most common, yet baffling male/female relationship questions.  We’ve taken their information and “translated” it into simple everyday language, complete with graphics so everyone can understand.


Whether you quickly read through the course, or watch the video, by the time it’s over, you’ll be glad you discovered what this comprehensive mini-course has to offer.  Armed with real, scientific answers to your questions, you’ll finally know exactly what to do, to get the relationship you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect to discover from this course:


  • The best way to find “the one.”
  • Why the average male can have any woman he wants.
  • How the average male can get any woman he wants.
  • How do you get him to commit?
  • Who really chooses, him or her?
  • What makes a woman irresistible to a man?
  • Why do men cheat?
  • When he says “it was just sex,” could it actually be true?
  • Why do men abuse women?
  • What’s really behind the male sex drive?
  • How do you safely get out of a bad relationship?
  • What’s the best age to have a baby for the first time?
  • What’s the best/safest age to have sex for the first time?
  • What is HPV?
  • How do you get HPV?
  • Where does HPV come from?
  • How can you protect yourself naturally, from HPV?
  • How do you stop loving an abusive male?
  • Early warning signs of abuse.
  • What (specifically) makes men fall in love?
  • What (specifically) makes women fall in love?
  • When you find a guy you really like, can you get him to fall in love with you?
  • When a guy finds a girl he really likes, can he get her to fall in love with him; even if she’s not interested?
  • What increases a woman’s sex drive?
  • What decreases a woman’s sex drive?
  • What’s the #1 thing women do that stops him from committing to her?
  • What puts the relationship ball in his court?

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